[de]Morgen gehts nach L.A.[/de][en]Tomorrow I’m going to L.A.[/en]

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Tomorrow I will reach Los Angeles. This this an excerot of a “Cycling the Pacific Coast” book I got in my hands:

Riding through Los Angeles area is more than just physically demanding; it is mentally exhausting. This long ride will require the use of every riding skill you have. It will require that you are constantly alert and concentrating not only on the traffic around you, but on the directions as well, to avoid missing crucial turns and intersections, Riders who have big-city commuting practice will have a definite advantade.

The amound of traffic increases and the shoulder virtually disappears.

Cyclists must leave the Pacific Coast Highway and make their way along a series of hectic bike paths and crowded city streets.

Travel through any large city is demanding. Riding through the nine cities that make up the Los Angeles coast area stresses the word “demanding” to a whole new dimension. Do not except to make good time, no matter how string rider you are, City streets are shoulderless and busy, and progress is constantly interrupted by stoplights.

The easy-to-follow bike path that weaves along the beaches for part of the way is often jammed with people, causing travel to be slow and frustrating.

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